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Corbel Side Table

Corbel Side Table

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Corbel is a modern side table with an adjustable tray for added convenience. We've taken inspiration from the practical features of hospital-style overbed tables and incorporated them into a redesigned furniture piece for your home.

The result is a handy spot to easily access your coffee, work on your laptop, or keep your essentials within arm's reach, all while lounging on your couch or bed.

Spring orders sold out, pre-order for next batch shipping fall 2024.

Dimensions & Adjustable Features


  • Base: 20″W x 22″H x 8.25″D
  • Tray: 13″ x 18″

Adjustable Features

  • Tray Height: Min. 25″ / Max. 32″
  • Rotation: 360° Swing Arm + 360° Tray
  • Max. Extension: 18″ from edge of couch/bed to center of tray
  • Stabilizers wedge under either side of couch, chair, or bed

Clearance & Weight Capacity


  • Arm Clearance: Min. 23″ / Max. 30″
  • Floor to Underside of Couch/Bed Frame: 1″-7.5″
  • Min Distance between Couch/Chair legs: 16″
  • Couch Arm at Base to Edge of Corbel: 0-10″

Weight Capacity

  • Rated for up to 250lbs

Materials & Assembly


  • White Oak
  • Matte Black Steel Hardware


  • Ships partially assembled and requires a small additional set-up. We do this to lessen our environmental impact.

Shipping & Returns

  • North America: Delivery is estimated between 7-14 business days depending on your location

  • International: Please contact us for any global shipping outside of North America
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“At first glance, it’s a modern and sleek side table, but it’s more than that.”

~ Design Milk


Height Adjustable Tray

Discreet hardware allows the tray to be adjusted from 25″-30″ from the floor.


Telescoping Swing Arm

The arm and tray each swivel 360° for perfect positioning. The arm extends for a reach of up to 18” from the edge of the couch or bed to the center of the tray.


Premium Materials

Solid white oak and matte black steel hardware come together in this beautiful, functional and durable side table.

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“The Corbel Side Table looks like a perfect match for any home interior without giving away its clinical inspiration.”

~ Yanko Design