About Us

At Capella we make design-forward mobility products because we believe your home should be as beautiful as it is functional.

No one wants cheap and ugly hospital furniture in the spaces we’ve spent years making our own.

Whether your mobility has changed, you are planning for the future, or you just want to make the most of your space, we offer products that will empower you (and look good while they’re at it) for years to come.

Our Story

Hi I’m Kaly 👋, Industrial Designer & founder of Capella Design. 

I was inspired to start designing assistive products
by the generations before me who deserve and deserved beautiful, functional, and treasured home furniture, no matter the stage of their lives. 

When my Grandpa’s mobility changed my family worked tirelessly to get him the assistive products he needed so that he could live at home. It wasn’t an easy feat at the time, with few options available and much of it needing to be custom made. Over 30 years later, the assistive product catalog largely remains the same. It is time for families like mine to have the options they deserve.

At Capella Design we are part of the movement to reimagine the future of aging and disability. Just because you or your family may be preparing for life changes, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style or functionality. We hope you’ll join us for a new wave of empowered and vibrant years at home.

-Kaly Ryan

Our Commitment

At Capella we take pride in manufacturing our products in North America. We use sustainable materials like the 90% recycled wood-composite in our Lotic Shower Seat. Our products are built to last and they can be repaired and recycled.

We strive to be transparent about our pricing. Our products are priced based on their premium materials, as well as paying a living wage to our partners and our manufacturers.

We understand not everyone can afford our products, which is why we donate a portion of our proceeds to community organizations who provide assistance to seniors in British Columbia, Canada, where our company is headquartered.